I honestly didn’t think I would ever have to speak up about anything but I realize it’s time for my ow sake.

I need you to fix things up before we get involved, I need to know what’s going on.. You can’t ask me to go meet your mother when we’re not in a relationship, you can’t claim to me if I go out with my friends or not cause we’re not a couple.. Because you got a girlfriend!! For god sake!
You tell me you broke up with her but you still live together because you can’t ask her to move out simply because she made the great gesture of leaving her parents to live with you.. If things are as bad as you said, if it’s not healthy anymore you end things for once.. And you even dare to ask me to spend the night with you when you’re sleeping in the same bed..
I don’t know if you don’t think things through but you can’t simply do that, what security do I have about being serious when you do things like that? How can’t I but think that some day you’ll do the exact same thing to me when you get bored or you stop loving me… That you won’t talk to me you just simply will run to someone else’s arms..
I need to know because I’m starting to feel more than I want for you.. I’m starting to love you and I don’t even have the security of a relationship.. And since I’m not a gambler, I won’t risk to lose even my friends for something that is not worth it..
No one seriously wants me to date you and even though, here I am, willing to get lost in you.. But before anything happens I need to know..
I can’t simply put everything in a game that looks like I’m gonna lose..