When you decide to ship for your biggest adventure like visiting the other side of the world, you go with childish believes.. That’s how I see it, you think things were messed up and you go away for once from all your troubles and people you call friends and family you think that supports you..

And when you’re back you see how wrong you are.. For the family that didn’t take you back and doesn’t speak to you, going to school and work to realize you only have the memories of persons you thought friends and those few left are better out of your life as well, since they don’t support you, dissappear and when you look for them it seems the earth swallowed them.. 

When you look for a comforting hand and someone to tell you that you can do it and someone to listen they just rage at you, put you down and they think they’re better than you..

But as always is, in your darkest hours you see the light.. When someone unexpected wildly appears to steal your heart and to show you not everything is screwed up and that you don’t need much to be happy and smile for no reason 24/7.

To remember you that you can’t let people put you down now when you didn’t let them before and even when in Uni you cant do team work.. And you might get a D and repeat that class next year if you’re lucky enough.. It’s ok.. Because at the end you have gone further than anyone at your age and you have made it alone..

So there’s no need to worry, at the end things are how they suppose to be (: