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Evan decided to sell that closet that has been in her parent’s house for ever with no use for anyone.. she always wondered why it was still there if no one needs it..

It was practically new, it just had crayons marks all over one side because of her baby brother who was very likely to make doodles in every surface caught by his little eyes. So, maybe lowering the original price would do the job.

She called her friends Andy, Emma, Liam, Louise and Anne to go with her to a near carpenter shop and see if she could sell it there.

They all carried the closet to the shop; it was a big cellar with woods and carpenter’s work all over the place..there was a desk almost at the door and one could see behind it, at the back of the cellar some stairs and a hall for maybe another cellar where all the carpenters work; in the desk was an old woman, with the name tag “Agnes”..

“Good afternoon, uhm.. I have this closet and it’s practically new so I was wondering if I could get some money for it and you can sell it again or maybe you can use it for making another things, or I don’t know.. But there’s not use at my house for it and we really want to get rid of it..”

The old woman look at Evan and nodded, handing her some forms to fill while she was going to the back cellar to speak with the man in charge see what they could do and if they would buy it. Evan read carefully and answered all the questions in the forms and gave them to Agnes when she was back.

Agnes asked to have a seat while she was getting everything ready. After 2 hours Evan’s friends were fed up of the old woman just wandering around and giving silly answers to their questions.. They kept waiting a bit longer watching some prices in the carpenters’ work.. thinking they’d get thousands of the closet for it was a really good piece. But then Agnes came back saying:

“I’m afraid we can’t buy it as a closet today because it’s not our work, the owner of this carpenter shop is not here and won’t be until tomorrow for sort this out and for you to get what it’s worth.. if you want to sell it today all we can do is buy it as wood and you’ll get $14.95 for it”.

Evan face dropped down, for that to be very estrange.. she thought that even though, it was worth more than $14.95…at least a few hundreds… Her friend Andy, a very impatient young man, was really upset for them to have such an answer after all the time they have to wait.

“That’s ridiculous! Evan, don’t take it.. or I’ll buy it, see, how easy it is? how much.. 200, 400, 600..700..1000 there…there you have $1000”

All the friends were thinking how sweet of Andy that was, but instead of thinking that it was very sweet, Evan was thinking how Andy was carrying such amont of money in his pockets, he might lose it walking in the streets.. Evan’s mind was a very special one.. always analazing what most of the people don’t think at the very first moment..

Evan was tired of all it so she decided to take the $14.95 and never think about it anymore because it was a waste of time. They wouldn’t be carring that back home and they didn’t have a place near to keep it and go back the next day.

They left the place and as they were talking, or pretty much just hearing Andy still complaining about the whole situation, they realized they took a wrong turn but when Evan looked around, she recognized the place, she was pretty sure she has never been there yet, somehow she remembered the place.

Her friends were walking back when she stopped them:

“wait, I think I know where we are..I think, I dreamt about this place one night.. if we keep going that way, through an old train tunnel and go up that wall in the hill we’ll arrive to a very nice place to spend the rest of the afternoon..”

“you dreamt about it?”

“how can you be so sure that’s the way of if you have never been here?”

“I don’t know, I know it’s weird but even when I haven’t been here…I’m pretty sure about this, come on”

It wasn’t like they had something else to do so they kept walking, realizing Evan was right, then it came to her mind indeed, how could she know about this place if she has never been there? Was it possible all that of dreaming about things you don’t know? She could not understand what was happening, so all the way she kept asking to her friends how was that possible..

no one could give her an answer that could satisfy her, and her mind contiued running about it:

“It’s like for example, imagine that colour uhm.. red, doesn’t exist, and one day someone comes to you and tell you they dreamt about a new colour, one that they have never seen before.. yet, they know how to get it if they had all the necessary.. how could that be possible?”

“but colour red does exist.. uhm, you get more colours out of it”

“yeah, you can get uhm… orange, if you mix it with yellow, and purple if you mix with blue..”

“it’s primary colour yeah, besides how can you say it doesn’t exist if there’s a lot of things around us like roses, and your lipstick..”

“ooh, and if you mix it with white you get a lovely pink..”

Evan had to take a very deep breathe for her not to start raging at her friends..

“you’re missing the point guys.. anyways, forget about the whole conversation.. you won’t get it..”

And as they kept walking they arrived to a very lovely hill indeed, and there were some friends from school, they walked to them and sat next them.. Amber, a very likeable girl noticed the stress in Evan’s face so she asked her what was wrong but Evan couldn’t deal with more hard to explain, or unexplainable dreams so she just shaked her head and enjoyed the afternoon.. Although the thought of how can someone dream about things they haven’t seen before still wandered in her head..

Maybe she would search it on internet later… Then she thought, internet of course.. why didn’t she do that before? would’ve saved her of such a stressful talk with her friends..

“Oh, well..nothing to do about it now, is it?”