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Ever since I was 15 years-old, I’ve always wanted to meet Paramore’s leader singer Hayley Williams.

Maybe a lot of people dislike their music, just as a lot of people like it.. Personally I love the whole thing that it means Paramore, especially since their kids like me, and somehow we have grown together. So I identify with her especially now that I know what it feels like, when you father leaves your mother.

So there I was, even when I woke up several times through the night as usual, I’d still find myself going on the same dream that goes like this:

After hearing that paramore will be in a near city, and I wanted badly to meet them, I decided to gather some things I might need on the run and things I wanted to show Hayley, like my sketch book and the drawings I have made of her. Of course my aunt would not let me go by myself so I had to sneak in the middle of the night.

I knew that a cargo train goes to that city and it wouldn’t take long so I went through the forest-like footpath to the nearest train tracks, I felt quite scared, maybe it was not such a good idea to watch horror films after all, since all the way through I felt I would feel like almost having a heart attack waiting for something to happen. Thankfully it went ok.

After waiting all night hiding in the bushes, in the morning a train was finally coming, it stopped so they could change the tracks’ way, I saw it as my opportunity to get on without someone watching me so I went all the way to the last cargo, and went I was about to get on it, another train was coming behind as the one I was trying to get on was moving as well. So I jumped to the side and another train was coming in the other tracks from the front.

I freaked out and went back to the bushes I was hiding on, the train was moving slowly so I ran as it was going, the machinist looked at me, like saying “I’m about to go faster, get on now if you want to go”, so i ran towards it and got on.

“thank you” I said. And the machinist nodded at me.

After 2 hours I arrived the city so I said thank you again and jumped off. I heard the band was staying in a hotel almost at the end of the city, and I didn’t much money so I walked all the way. When I finally arrived, I started to sneak finding out in which rooms they were so I went to them. But I got caught so started running and going up through the stairs, coming out for my luck in the floor where the rooms were.

The security came shortly after me so I knocked on the door of the first room I saw and I almost die when Hayley was the one who opened the door. Security got me and I begged them to wait explaing I came from far just to meet Hayley. She said it was ok, so they let me go and went into the room with Hayley.

The rest of tha band was in the room, I was feeling really nervous, just sitting there, then Hayley came to me asking what brought me to meet them, I explained I identify with them and their lyricsand music and said also that I’ve always wanted her to see my drawings, I’m not much of an artist but they’re ok.

Then Hayley asked me if I liked football and I said yes, so she asked me to stay to see the game. After it ended I of course, like every fan, asked her for an autograph. She gladly signed my t-shirt like the rest of them, handed my drawings to them and left, thinking as I was walking out the hotel, how the hell would I go back to my city now?.

And then the puppy awake me, and I feel, it’s one of my best dreams…I hope one day becomes true.