She went into the house at midnight like everyday after playing football with her friends all night. Before getting in the shower, she checked his phone although, she knew no one call her or text her. But to her surprise there was a text from someone she didn’t have in her contacts.

“Hey, how are you tonight?” it said.

And she replied: “I’m good, thanks, about to get in the shower… how are you?”

“I’m your worst nightmare” they replied.

“haha hmm, has my worst nightmare a name?”

“yeah, I’m Tony..you?”

“I’m Blair..nice to meet you”

“nice to meet you too, I’ll leave you so you can take a shower. Good night”

“all right, good night”

She went to the bathroom with a big smile, she know it had to be weird for her being smiling like for someone she didn’t know, what if it was someone who wanted to hurt her? But something was telling her that she didn’t have to worry.

They spent days texting each other, they could talk about anything, but who he really was or how he happen to have her number.

“ok,ok. If you want to know who I am, ask your friend DeeDee..”

“DeeDee? did she give you my number? why? what’s going on?”

“hahaha..nothing to worry about, just ask her”

“ok, I’ll ask her tomorrow in school”

So the next day in school, she went to her friend. “DeeDee, who’s Tony? why he has my number? did you give it to him? why?”

“hehe calm down, he was my best friend in New York.. and he needed a celphone, so after I got one for Los Angeles, I gave him the other one and your number was in it.

You’ll see, he has problems with her mom and stepfather, he likes to punch her mom and whenever Tony gets involved he gets beaten and is when his stepfather stops sometimes. So that night he texted you, he was feeling depressed, and started sending messages to the contacts in the phone.. And you were the only one who texted back. And to keep talking to you helped him to feel a bit better, trying to forget what happened before that”

“Oh, poor Tony, I’m glad I helped somehow”

And so they continued talking about their problems, since both were two sad kids who completed each other making one happy person. One day even Tony saved some money to call her, although, both were really nervious so they didn’t say much. Good for them, second time he tried calling it went better.

One day, they decided it was time to meet in person.. And since Blair’s school was making a trip to New York they thought it was the perfect opportunity.

Blair was really nervous, she created this image of Tony in her mind, although she didn’t care much about the appearence, she dared to think, she was in love with the person she texted all day, every day… Cause  he was being himself. She knew in her heart and she had DeeDee to back up anything Tony said or to uncover one or two innocent lies, like Tony saying his alias in the grafitti world was “Wizard” when according to DeeDee it was “Stelaris”

But she was ready, at her 16 years-old never felt something like that, like something warm inside her chest. She didn’t feel sad for her parents. She was able to truly smile, feel happy.  She wanted to spend the rest of her life with Tony.

They settled the plan to see each other.. After spending time with group, she would get away from them and she would meet him next to lake in the park. And so she did, after waiting for more than 2 hours, she sadly decided he was not coming, so it was time to go with the group again.

Back in Los Angeles, she texted Tony, upset for him not going to meet her. But he explained himself:

“You don’t have idea how sorry I am, I really wanted to see you but in my way to the park this idiot crashed the van and I could not get away since it was my stepfather’s and I needed to wait for the police, and call my stepfather and arrange any problem about the insurance and stuff.”

“Oh god, are you ok?”

“yeah, I’m ok, a bit bruised but nothing to worry about”

They kept talking, Tony would send her poems, and pictures.. And Blair would send him pictures too for both to at least how the other looked like. But asured they were in love with each other after seeing each other. And made plans about how they would get married once Blair finished all her studies and became a professional journalist. Where they would live, how many kids they would have and all the things they would do together.

One weekend, she texted Tony without any respond for the 3 days. She felt sad.. Had Tont find another girl? or was he simply not interested in her anymore? Maybe something happened… She hoped it was nothing to be worry about.

Monday in school she saw DeeDee sad, very down. And she would walk away from Blair everytime  she wanted to talk to her. The teacher came into the classroom, Blair always liked to seat in the front row cause the teacher was cool, like his twin.. not like the rest of the teachers. DeeDee liked to seat in the back.

She sent a note to Blair. “I have bad news”

Blair was wondering what could it be, never thought maybe it had something to do with Tony, so she replied: “Ok, we’ll talk in the 5 mins recess between the classes”

After the first hour the teacher allowed the class to go outside, to the bathroom, maybe for something to eat, for 5 minutes.

“Ok, tell me what’s going on… Are you ok?”

“No… I don’t know how to tell you this..”

“Just say it”

“Tony died this weekend, I’m sorry” and she left.

Blair was shocked, another friend came to her. “Are you ok? You look awful.. Come on, it’s time to get back inside. Blair followed her, seat in her place.. and then she broke crying.. The teacher asked her if she was ok, that she could leave the classroom to calm down for a few minutes if she need it. But she said no. And sat there the rest of the class crying in silence.

Days passed with non-stop crying from Blair, her family would not understand what she was feeling, and told her to get over it, because she was over-reacting. “Just stop, you must be really broken hearted…what do you know about love? come on, go outside. You didn’t cried this much when you grandmother died”

“It was different, grandmother had a long time being ill, it was obvious she was dying, and we all went to said goodbye to her the night she died. Tony was taken from me without notice.”

After two weeks, Blair felt it was time to know what happened, so she asked DeeDee to go to her house before school. “hi there, seat down.. DeeDee, I want you to tell me what happened with Tony.. Only if you feel ok to talk about it”

DeeDee nodded and began talking: “his stepfather beat his mother badly this time, so he and his mother decided it was the last time he’d touch her and put some things together.. They were coming here, so for his stepdad not to get suspicious, Tony would come first, get the house where her mom used to live a long time ago here and then go back for more stuff and his mom. But he crashed, it was a curve and the other car didn’y have the lights on. Since Tony tried not to crashed, he lost control and the impact went in the driver side. He got injuried very badly. He was taken back to Florida and his mom called me so I went immediately.

The doctor said that if he could not breathe for himself, it was not use in keeping him alive cause he was only suffering. His mom agreed so the doctor give us each a few minutes with Tony. When I got in, and saw him, it broke my heart and I said to him: 

“Come on Tony, you have to be strong, you have to fight and get better so you can see Blair, you don’t want to leave her alone…You made her happy, you gave her hope, you gave her wings of love and I don’t want to be the one who cut them off.”

And a tear went down his face. Then the doctor came in, “it’s time, we’ll turn off the machine and all depends in what happen”

They turned off the machine and he did really well but, a blood clot went to his brain and he died.”


Tears were coming down from Blair’s eyes. They went to school and since then Blair’s life has never been the same. She remembers Tony in his dead anniversary, she has all the memories about him. And after 5 years she’s better, she can continue with her life, she started giving opportunities to the guys whom want to date her. But she’s sure of something… No matter with whom she ends, she’ll never feel what she felt for Tony. And she’s sure that like a toddler who’s candy was stolen starts making a tantrum.. She will feel the same for Tony, who was taken from her without the chance to try with him.

She will always feel regret for not having that chance, she will always have grief in her heart for the one that went away.