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Now that I’m more desperate than ever about going back to my country.. A question came to my mind..

I contacted my embassy cause I couldn’t afford to go back by my own, so asked them for help. And first they said that even when I didn’t had any criminal records, problems with the police or anything that could invalid my reason to go back, my case was not considered as an emergency so they just not helped.

Second time, before I was officially illegal in the UK, they simply did not answer me.


So I wonder, how does the Mexico government raither to have a mexican suffer all the horrible things that immigrants pass through before actually being sent to their countries, and women specially? How can’t they help someone of their own to go back home?

I explained and they swear they understand my situacion, that I did not come to work or anything, that I was not planning on being an illegal; and yet, they simply continued their lives as if I would’ve never contact them.

Nice one.