Dogs are trully the man’s bestfriend..

I’ve been depressed for not being able to return my country for a while  now, and the family I’m living with, got a puppy last sunday..

Since they work and my friend goes to school, it was kind of obvious that it’d be me the one that would take care of him.

And it’s been helping to go through my depression without doing the stupids things I used to do when depressed like self-harm and stuff. Since the first day we got connected. Cause both were sad.

His mom rejected him at birth, and didn’t allow him to feed from her. So we got him a month early.. So he was sad, not being wanted for his mom, now being in a different house with people he didn’t recognize.

Must had been difficult for him.. And me being in this situation..

Now he’s my bestfriend..he might not be my pet but I love him and I can tell he loves me already..

He won’t judge me, he won’t criticise me.. he will just love me for who i am and I’ll make sure he grows up the better way possible while I’m here.

He has the most sweetest eyes, I love the way he looks at me before falling asleep on my tights.

he helps me making my loneliness and my sadness better and I’ll always be thankful to him for that